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Director of VCMA School

"music produces a kind of pleasure which                           human nature cannot do without"

Jeong-won is a flautist, active both in performing and teaching. She grew up in a musical family and had piano lessons taught by her mother as a young child. She also had sung in church choirs from a very early age. Since the age of 8, she had pursued her flute studies with Linda Shroeder, Patricia Creighton, Rosanne Wieringa and Lanny Pollet. As a young musician, she received a number of awards and scholarships and won the first place in several classes at Kiwanis Music Festivals in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

She has played in a variety of ensembles throughout university and continues to create music after her graduation from the University of Victoria as her goal is to always inspire others with her music.

She believes everyone has talent in music and it only needs to be discovered and refined. Music is a very important part of her life and she wants to provide the students an opportunity to understand and enjoy music. She strives to be a caring teacher who focuses on each student's special talents and needs and encourages them to take challenges while appreciating the beauty of music.

She has been a flute instructor at VCMA since August 2010 and became the new director of the school in February 2016. Her goal is to create a safe, welcoming environment within VCMA School for students, parents and teachers in order to build strong bonds between them and increase the quality of music lessons because she believes "music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without."

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