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Strings Teachers


Bronte Wager Cello & Music Theory

Bronte began playing piano at age 4 and cello at age 6. After winning several gold medals from the RCM for distinction in cello exams, Bronte completed her ARCT in cello performance in 2011 with first class honors. She now studies cello performance and biochemistry at the University of British Columbia where she plays in the UBC symphony orchestra and various chamber ensembles. She is also passionate about music theory, particularly harmony and analysis.


Francis Lumibao Guitar

After his acceptance into Berklee College of Music, Francis studied with world-class musicians such as Bruce Bartlett, Amanda Monaco, Jane Miller, David Gilmore and David Newsam. Studying various styles, Francis focused on Classical and Jazz Guitar studies. In addition, he also studied music production, music business, music theory and some reharmonization techniques as well. After graduating with honors in 2019, Francis moved to Vancouver where he continues to perform and teach music, imparting the knowledge and skills he learned so far.


In teaching the craft, Francis lives by the words of the late musician, Clark Terry, "Imitate, Assimilate, Innovate". Music can be learned first by IMITATING what is taught to us. Once we are able more comfortable in maneuvering our instrument, we can go deeper into the hows and whys of music and the theories behind each musical concept. It is much easier to learn music when we are able to perform it first then delve into the mental and technical aspects later on. When we ASSIMILATED a good working knowledge around how we play our instrument, then we are able to express music further. We can INNOVATE how we work around the notes and harmonies that we use. We have limitless tools to use in telling a story. In summary, learning music is like learning a new language.

Classic Violin
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