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Drum Teachers


Michael Broddy Drums

Michael is a passionate drummer of 20 years whose roots stem all the way back to high school concert and jazz band. During this time, he quickly fell in love with writing, performing, studio work, etc.


Michael also has a background in child and youth support work which helps him hybrid fun and engaging hands-on lessons with technical and rudimentary practices to mold students into solid players who also embody passion for the instrument. Michael is currently active in the Vancouver music scene as a studio / session drummer playing for various artists. He is excited to have started his journey as a teacher with VCMA and looks forward to passing on his wealth of knowledge and experience to aspiring drummers!


Karan Mattu Drums

Karan Mattu is a drum instructor, performer, studio musician, music producer and sound engineer. He studied at Nimbus School of Recording Arts for Audio Engineering. In addition to this, he studied jazz drumming throughout his high school years. He has won several awards such as Top Junior Drummer in 2010 and Top Senior Drummer for the Envision Jazz Festival. Karan is fluent in a vast range of genres including Rock, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Pop, Bhangra, Hindi, Bollywood, Fusion, Reggae, Country and many more. Karan is a well renowned musician in the Greater Vancouver area and has played many festivals such as VIBC, Surrey Fusion Festival, DESIfest, Jamin Jubilee, CBC Nooner Festival and many more. He teaches a unique way that combines theory, techniques but also making sure to learn full songs and having fun with his students. Teaching his students real life drum skills to be a professional is something Karan strives on.

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