Winds & Voice Teachers


Jeong-won Shin Flute

Jeong-won Shin has been active both in performing and teaching after her graduation from University of Victoria. Her goal is to always inspire others with her music. She strives to be a caring teacher who focuses on each student's special talents and needs and encourages them to take challenges while appreciating the beauty of music because she believes "music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without."


Lawrence Woodall Woodwinds

Lawrence is a versatile performer and instructor with expertise on flute, saxophone, clarinet and oboe. He graduated Magnum cum Laude from Boston’s prestigious Berklee School of Music and went on to study in New York City. He has performed all over the world in theatre orchestras for touring Broadway Musicals and in show bands playing along side some of the world’s top artists.


Tori Jordan Trumpet

Tori Jordan has studied at both Brandon University and Vancouver Community College, having her focus on classical trumpet while dabbling in jazz. She has participated in several concert bands, symphonic bands, orchestras, and big bands over the 12 years she has been playing the trumpet. Her goal in teaching is to not only to help students become better trumpet players and better musicians, but also to impart her love of the art with all whom she encounters.


Hector Gonzalez Aguirre Voice

Hector received his Bachelor of Music degree from the University of British Columbia, where his primary focus was in voice performance and composition, studying various styles of music such as jazz, classical and pop. As a local musician, he has performed in numerous festivals in Vancouver with various musical groups and participated in Opera and Musical productions in Edmonton and Vancouver. Hector’s philosophy is that learning music should be fun and exciting. Music is a basic means of human expression and every person has the ability to learn how to make music and discover the beauty of the music that they hold within themselves.